Kaiwen LI

Student at BFSU


About Me

I am an undergraduate student in Italian Language and Culture at Beijing Foreign Studies University (opens new window), my research interests include topics in combinatorial optimization, global optimization, Italian philosophy and computational linguistics.


  • [2021] Under Construction

Education & Experiences

  • School of European Language and Culture, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China
    Sept. 2018 - Present
  • High School Affliated to Nanjing Normal University, China
    Sept. 2015 - June 2018


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Chinese-Italian/Italian-Chinese Parallel Corpus, CIICPC

In this project, I played the role of building up an online platform for a parallel corpus based on CQPweb (opens new window). During this project, I managed to use Docker (opens new window) to facilitate my work. What's more, I wrote some Python scripts for transforming initial text data into .vrt files which could be recognized by CQPweb.

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Awards & Honors


  • 2021 ICM(The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling)
    Finalist Winner

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